Tree Surgeon Winford

Holroyd Tree Services is a professional tree surgery service provider in Bristol. We have provided several different tree surgery services to commercial and domestic property owners for more than 15 years. All our services are competitively priced and performed in accordance with British Standards. We know you will be happy with the results of our tree surgery work.

Our tree surgeons are arboriculture experts. We have studied the art of tree cultivation and management. So if you need any work done to your trees, vines, shrubs, or other wooded plantlife, we are the best equipped for the task.

Holroyd Tree Services offers the following tree surgery services:

  Tree Removal

  Woodland Management

  Crown Reductions



  Dead Wood Removal

  Crown Lift

  Stump Removal

Most property owners will need these tree surgery services at some point. Bristol is an old city with buildings and trees that are hundreds of years old. Trees this old are more susceptible to damage and decay. So if you want to avoid accidents and enhance the beauty of your property, then you’ll need these services to assist you.

If you want to keep the trees on your property, we’ll make every effort to save them if they are damaged. However, sometimes it is better to cut down a tree if it is in unsalvagable condition. We’ll make this determination after a thorough examination of the state of your trees.

Holroyd Tree Services has the tools, equipment, and experience to work on trees of all sizes and shapes. Contact our team at 07764 633 003 to find out more information about our services.

Large felling before

Large felling in progress

Large felling in progress

Large felling in progress

Commercial tree felling before

Commercial tree felling in progress

Commercial tree felling in progress

Commercial tree felling in progress