Tree Surgeon Saltford

If you’re a resident of Saltford, you must be used to seeing greenery all day. It’s the perfect place to take a long walk. This is because every path is covered with long and beautiful trees. However, even if those trees look great, they might be at risk.

Many property owners in Saltford are known to take great care of their gardens and trees. Once in a while they show signs of decay. It is under your authority to take care of the trees. Not only are they an integral part of our ecosystem but also contribute to the beauty of Saltford.

So, if your trees are under danger of decay or you are facing problems, we can help. Holroyd Tree & Garden Services have tree surgeons that specialise in a range of services for Saltford. 

Tree Surgery by Holroyd Tree & Garden Services in Saltford

Many people assume that tree surgery simply involves the removal of trees from their property. That’s not true. A tree surgeon can offer a broad variety of tree surgery services. These services provide the best solutions for the problems you face. Some of the services our tree surgeons offer are the following.

Crown Reductions and Crown Lifts

Some trees have huge crowns. These crowns can cause a lot of disturbance for your area. This includes disturbances in your electrical connections because of passing wires. 

Holroyd Tree & Garden Services can reduce the crowns in a professional way. Crown reductions don’t simply involve cutting. Our tree surgeon will maintain a proper risk assessment and then reduce the crown accordingly. 


It is difficult to see your trees struggle with growth when the entire Saltford is brimming with greenery. Our tree surgeon can help. We can coppice your tree for you. This process involves the cutting of your tree to increase growth. 

With our expertise, your trees will be as lush as can be. You can be the witness to the coppicing services of Holroyd Tree & Garden Services yourselves.

With the exception of the services mentioned, our tree surgery services include a lot more. This includes pollarding, dead wood and stump removals, and woodland management. If you’re a resident of Saltford, there is no better place to get a tree surgeon.

You can also ask for a completely free quote. Apart from a quote, we also offer free advice with no obligation required from your side. Contact us now for a professional tree surgeon for your trees.

Large felling before

Large felling in progress

Large felling in progress

Large felling in progress

Commercial tree felling before

Commercial tree felling in progress

Commercial tree felling in progress

Commercial tree felling in progress