Tree Surgeon Norton Pensford

Tree surgery is an essential practice because it concerns the health and maintenance of trees on a property. An experienced tree surgeon has the skills and expertise to trim, cut, shape, or remove a tree of any size without risking harm to people or property.

Holroyd Tree & Garden Services has been providing professional and affordable tree surgery services to the people of Norton Pensford for over 15 years. We offer a wide variety of diverse tree surgery services to accommodate each customer’s specific needs. It doesn’t matter if you have a commercial business or residential home. We can manage the trees on any property regardless of their use.

Our tree surgery services include:

  • – Tree removal
  • – Dead wood removal
  • – Stump removal
  • – Crown reductions
  • – Crown lift
  • – Coppicing
  • – Pollarding
  • – Woodland management

Everyone has different needs regarding the trees on their properties. Holroyd Tree & Garden Services is fully qualified to satisfy any of your tree-related needs regardless of their shape, size, and scope. We employ a licenced team of dedicated tree surgeons who possess the knowledge and skills to save damaged trees and remove unwanted trees from a property. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll deliver it.

Safety and customer satisfaction are our two biggest priorities. That is why we follow a strict safety protocol to ensure no accidents happen before, during, and after the tree surgery work. Our tree surgeons will even examine your trees to look for dying or decaying areas. If we can spot these issues soon enough, we can save your trees by removing the deteriorated areas and nurturing the healthy ones.

Holroyd Tree & Garden Services offers a free consultation with no obligation attached. We believe in forming a collaborative effort between our team and the customer on every tree surgery job. During the consultation, you’ll have the chance to share your preferences and requirements regarding the tree management of your property. Then our team will respond by telling you what is and isn’t possible.

Once the job details have been discussed, we’ll present to you an estimated price quote on our services. If you accept the offer, we’ll make plans to complete the work at your earliest convenience. Of course, an emergency service request to remove hazardous trees or branches can get done immediately. After all, safety is everything.

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Holroyd Tree & Garden Services is a confirmed member of and City Guilds PTC. Having a membership in these organisations requires us to uphold the highest levels of customer satisfaction. It also means we abide by the strictest government regulations and standards associated with professional tree maintenance and care. All our tree surgery services satisfy British Standards.

Are you ready to schedule your appointment for a free consultation with our dedicated tree surgeons in Norton Pensford? You can call us at 07764 633 003 to get started. We strive to offer some of the most competitive rates in the region. You’ll learn more about that during your free consultation.

Large felling before

Large felling in progress

Large felling in progress

Large felling in progress

Commercial tree felling before

Commercial tree felling in progress

Commercial tree felling in progress

Commercial tree felling in progress