Tree Surgeon Norton Hawkfield

Do you need a professional and licenced tree surgeon in Hawkfield? Holroyd Tree & Garden Services has over 15 years of experience providing a wide range of tree surgery services to businesses and homeowners in Hawkfield. Our tree surgery services are necessary for maintaining the safety and aesthetics of a property.

The services we have available include:

  • – Tree removal
  • – Crown lift
  • – Crown reductions
  • – Pollarding
  • – Woodland management
  • – Coppicing
  • – Dead wood removal
  • – Stump removal

Holroyd Tree & Garden Services covers all forms of arboriculture work. The size and scope of your tree project don’t matter either. Our team is willing to work on any tree-related task that needs to be done, whether your trees need light pruning or complete removals. We have the proper training, skills, experience, and equipment to perform tree surgery jobs safely and professionally.

Don’t attempt any tree surgery tasks on your own because you could risk damage to people and property. Our professional tree surgeons know how to manage the care and aesthetics of trees without endangering anyone or anything. That is why it is worth the small investment to hire our professionals to manage the trees on your property.

We strive to keep our rates competitive without diminishing the quality of our services. You won’t find too many other tree surgery companies in Hawkfield with the same high-quality and affordable services like ours. We adjust our rates according to the size and scope of every project. You will learn more about our rates and services when you call us for a consultation.

Holroyd Tree & Garden Services offers free consultations to all new prospective customers. The consultation will give us a chance to learn more about your property and for you to learn more about our tree surgery services. Once we have a clear idea of what you need to get done on your property, we’ll present a price quote and any additional advice you may need regarding your project.

Are you unsure about whether to keep or remove trees from your property? Unless you want to remove trees, we’ll do everything possible to save them for you. The ultimate decision on whether or not to keep trees will depend on their current health condition. If your trees only have mild deterioration, we can save them by cutting off the decayed areas and preserving the healthy areas.

A general inspection is the first step. Our tree surgeons can evaluate the condition of your trees and determine what needs to be done to save them. But if it looks like a tree is severely decayed, we may have no choice but to recommend cutting it down for safety reasons. That way, there is no further risk of the tree falling and collapsing onto a person or property.

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Are you ready to schedule a free consultation? You can do so by calling our team at 07764 633 003. Holroyd Tree & Garden Services is a proud member of because of our dedication to providing high-quality work and customer satisfaction.

Large felling before

Large felling in progress

Large felling in progress

Large felling in progress

Commercial tree felling before

Commercial tree felling in progress

Commercial tree felling in progress

Commercial tree felling in progress