Tree Surgeon Kingswood

Kingswood is known for its beautiful landscapes. It is one of the most defining features of the village as it is appealing to the eyes. However, no area is safe from tree decay.

A tree surgeon is always needed to keep a check on the trees and see if they need surgery. The trees don’t have to visibly show signs of decay or weakness, sometimes they need an early identification. Holroyd Tree & Garden Services can help maintain the health and beauty of your trees.

Our Tree Surgeon Services for Kingswood

Holroyd Tree & Garden Services offer a wide range of tree surgery services. All these tasks are performed by trained tree specialists who can guarantee quality with our work. The equipment we use is of a reputable quality that helps to maintain proper tree surgery. 

Stump removal

When trees are removed, they leave behind a stump. This may not worry you a lot, however it ruins the aesthetics of a place. If not, it can cause safety concerns where children are running around. So, if you want to use that space for other gardening purposes, you must have that stump removed. 

Holroyd Tree & Garden Services has specific machinery that can remove the stumps easily. If you own a commercial property, we can remove the stumps within a short period of time.

Dead wood removal

Where you have an excess of trees, shedding is bound to happen. When the wood or the barks start to decay or die, they shed. Hence, we can remove the dead wood for you. We can also identify dead wood before it dies which will prevent future removal.

Having your dead wood removed would be immensely beneficial for you. It will enhance the beauty of your landscape and address safety concerns. It’s the perfect solution.


In a civil community it is important that trees do not overgrow. But it is also essential to ensure that the trees do not have stunted growth. For this reason, Holroyd Tree & Garden Services can perform pollarding for you. This is one of the most ancient ways to halt the root growth. This will allow your trees to grow in a beautiful but non-problematic way.

This way of managing trees will ensure that their growth does not disrupt the urban landscape. It will keep the roots under control and avoid safety hazards for Kingswood.


These are only some of the services that Holroyd Tree & Garden Services offers to the residents of Kingswood. There are many other services for which a tree surgeon is always available. Some of those services include crown reduction and lifting, coppicing, and woodland management etc. If you need a free quote for these tree surgeon services, contact us now. We will provide you with a qualified tree surgeon.

Large felling before

Large felling in progress

Large felling in progress

Large felling in progress

Commercial tree felling before

Commercial tree felling in progress

Commercial tree felling in progress

Commercial tree felling in progress