Tree Surgeon Chew Stoke

Chew Stoke, nestled in the scenic countryside, boasts a rich tapestry of natural beauty, significantly defined by its lush trees. However, maintaining the health and safety of these natural wonders is vital. Holroyd Tree Surgery Services, a leader in arboricultural expertise, is your go-to professional for comprehensive tree care in Chew Stoke.

Our team of skilled tree surgeons is equipped to handle a variety of tree-related issues. With the prevalent concerns like ash dieback and other tree diseases in the UK, our specialists provide essential services to diagnose and treat affected trees. Whether it’s pruning infected branches or safely removing entire trees, we ensure the protection of your property and surrounding healthy trees.

Safety is a paramount concern. Decayed or unstable trees pose significant risks to people and properties. Our proactive tree surgery services include thorough inspections, identifying potential hazards before they cause harm. By choosing Holroyd, you’re not only safeguarding your landscape but also ensuring public safety.


We offer an array of services in Chew Stoke, including:

  • Crown Reduction
  • Stump and Deadwood Removal
  • Coppicing
  • Complete Tree Removal
  • Woodland Management
  • Pollarding
  • Crown Lifting


For those in Chew Stoke looking to preserve the beauty and safety of their landscape, Holroyd Tree Surgery Services provides tailor-made solutions. Contact us at 07764 633 003 for a tree evaluation and discover how our expert team can assist you. A free price quote is available upon request.