Tree Removal Winford

Trees can develop problems for many reasons. From insect infestations to growing too large in size, tree removal becomes necessary on such occasions. Tree removal is difficult, especially considering the emotional connection one has with 10-year-old trees in their garden as well as the cost of removal that comes along with it. While dying trees in natural areas are not a problem, having dead trees near your house can be a problem due to property damage or risk of injury.

If you are trying to decide whether you need tree removal in Winford or not, here are a few questions to ask yourself or the gardener:

  1. How healthy is the tree?

If a tree is starting to become unhealthy, chances are that it will fall victim to an infestation and die soon. A general rule of thumb is if 50% of the tree is already damaged, you should have it removed. There are many ways to spot a damaged tree – including abnormal growth and misshapen leaves.

  1. Is it an undesirable tree?

Some trees are hard to let go of because they are just so desirable. Others, however, can fall victim to damage due to their weak wood or large quantities of debris. Undesirable species of trees include mulberry, Norway maple, mimosa, willows, poplars, Bradford pear, and more. If you are unsure whether your tree is a desirable or undesirable species, you can simply search it up on the internet and check whether the tree is invasive or has a high risk of being infested with diseases.

  1. Is the trunk damaged?

The trunk is the foundation of any tree. If there is trunk damage on your tree, chances are that there is internal decay that has been around for years now. Signs that indicate trunk damage include vertical tracks, dead branches, old wounds, and seams. If such damage covers more than 25% of the circumference of the trunk, then perhaps it is time to opt for tree removal.

  1. Is the tree hollow?

If your tree is hollow, it suggests low strength which makes the tree dangerous. In case of strong winds, the tree can fall apart and fly into nearby property structures thus causing significant damage. While it is hard to spot a hollow tree, you can follow general techniques to investigate such as checking for holes in the trunk or missing bark from certain areas. The tree can continue to live for many years with a hollow trunk, but it is certainly unsafe to keep a hollow tree in your garden.

Call to Action

Once you decide that tree removal Winford is needed for your garden, the next thing you need to do is call the professionals. Holroyd Tree Services Ltd are a team of experienced professionals who can handle any type of tree removal emergency in Winford. With over 15 years of experience, the professionals at Holroyd Tree Services are always willing to provide competitive rates and exceptional services to their customers.

Large felling before

Large felling in progress

Large felling in progress

Large felling in progress

Commercial tree felling before

Commercial tree felling in progress

Commercial tree felling in progress

Commercial tree felling in progress