Stump removal Chew Valley

Trees are the best way to make your garden look lively. They are aesthetically pleasing and great for the environment. However, sometimes they can contract diseases.

When a tree gets infected, you are required to cut it. As a result, you will be left with a stump in your garden. To remove it, you will need the services of a professional.

If you want to get stumps removed from your property in Chew Valley, you’ve come to the correct place. Holroyd Tree & Garden Services is the best service provider in the region.

We have been helping UK residents for many years. That is why we are a trusted service provider. Here is everything you need to know about us.

What To Expect From Us

In the gardening industry, we are a well-known business. This is because we offer nothing less than the best service. Here are the top things you can expect from us:

  1.   Skilled Workers

If you are worried about your house safety, you don’t have to. That is because our workers are qualified for conducting stump removals. All of them have been provided with on-the-job training.

Besides that, we offer extra training to all technicians. Hence you can rely on us for a hassle-free experience. Our workers have extensive knowledge about stump removals.

Additionally, they know how to use the grinding tools effectively. That is why you can expect them to complete the work promptly.

  1.   Knowledgeable Arborists

The primary cause of stumps is that the old tree was infected. In such cases, the roots may be affected too. This means that the disease can spread to other plants and trees in your garden.

However, by hiring us, you can prevent a major disaster. That is because we offer skilled arborists too. First, they run an inspection on the stumps and inform you about the situation.

Once the arborist gives the go-ahead, only then we start with the removal. In some cases, they may treat the ground first to prevent infection through roots.

  1.   Safety Precautions

Before doing any tree surgery task, we always take health and safety precautions. For example, we require our technicians to wear proper gloves and helmets during the removal. This is so that they don’t get injured during the job.

By having compliant safety staff, we free you from any liability. Additionally, we seal the surrounding area to prevent entry. This helps us to protect you and your family members.

Besides that, we also clean up the mess before leaving your residence. Thus, you don’t have to worry about unnecessary cleaning. We aim to save your time, not waste it.

Call Us Now

These are the top three things you can expect from our service in Chew Valley. Of course, we offer other benefits too. To learn more about us, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Our support team is friendly and highly knowledgeable. That is why you can rely on it for guidance. We will be delighted to help you in the best way possible.

Stump grinding in small garden

Stump grinding on farmland

Stump grinding in preparation for turfing

Stump grinding after

Stump grinding close to perimeter walls