Pollarding is one of the oldest ways to manage our trees, dating back to medieval times. It can be very effective in stunting a trees root growth, often carried out near roads and houses. Councils will often carry out pollarding, as it’s an efficient way of managing trees.

Pollarding is when young trees or shrubs are cut off, to promote a healthier re-growth of the branches. It is a way of pruning that is done to stop the trees from obstructing wires and street lights as an example. Pollarding gives the trees a particular height which they require. You may think that pollarding will destroy the tree but soon you will see the branches growing back again. If you are interested in pollarding trees near you then you can benefit from our services. 

Why Choose Us?

If you wish to save a tree then we are always ready at your service. Our expert tree surgeons can help you with tree surgeries and maintenance. Following are the reasons why you should choose us for pollarding.

  1.   Experience 

We have been working, for the past few years, to serve and take care of the trees around Bristol. Experience and knowledge about trees are very important, and we have both. Our professional and experienced team will make the work easy for you. We can work with all sizes and shapes of trees. 

  1.   Highly Equipped 

We perform our services with the best tools and equipment available in the market. Our team is trained to handle these tools and equipment with great care. The latest equipment makes the work easy and efficient. The best quality tools are necessary for performing tree services. This shows our quality work to save a tree.

  1.   Safety

Health and safety is our top priority and we ensure that everyone around the location is safe. Tree services may seem easy but it can be dangerous at times. Our team is trained in every aspect and can carry out effective measures to lower the risk of any damages. We are always responsible and will protect your property. You can rely on us and we promise to satisfy you with our tree pollarding services.

  1.   Affordable 

We do not charge a single extra penny from our customers in hidden charges. The cost of our work is competitive in the market. Pollarding and other tree services are offered at affordable prices. These services are performed with great care by our experienced team. You won’t need to worry about your money being wasted.

  1.   Customer Service

We are always there to help you and listen to your problems. You can contact us by calling us or sending an e-mail. We will immediately listen to you and try to solve your problems. We try our best to fulfill the needs of our customers and to help them save a tree. You can contact us anytime for more information regarding our services. 

If you feel a tree is unsafe or can destroy the surrounding area around it, let us know. Pollarding is necessary if a tree is not growing in a manner that is healthy for it. Contact us and we will be there to help you with any kind of tree services.


Pollarding in progress

Pollarding in progress

Pollarding after