Pollarding Keynsham

One of the main things when it comes to maintaining your home or landscape is maintaining the greenery present here. You might feel like just cutting off the trees or pruning the leaves a bit is the best thing that you can do. But that is not all. There is so much that you need to know about how to maintain your trees. One aspect that you will also have to consider is pollarding in Keynsham. But what is pollarding, and why should you be wary about this for your trees and bushes?

What Is Pollarding?

The first thing that you need to know is what pollarding is all about. Essentially, at times, you are required to contain the growth of the trees and bushes in your area. This allows you to ensure that there isn’t any excessive and unwanted growth when it comes to these plants. Pollarding is done using the infamous technique of pruning, and should be done on an annual basis. This isn’t something that is to be done daily, therefore, making things a little better for you.

Once the plant and trees in your landscape reach a particular height, they are cut down to make sure that they do not take up any more space than their current one. With yearly adjustment to these plants and trees, you can ensure that these take on a restricted shape and growth.

When Is Pollarding Essential?

You might be wondering as to why pollarding might be considered essential. Is stunting the growth of a plant or tree really benefit for any reason? There are a multitude of reasons why this is important. So, let’s take a look.

The first thing that makes pollarding essential is to ensure that the trees of bushes don’t grow more than the space they have available to. You have a particular view as to how your landscape should look like. By making sure that that growth is constricted, you will be able to contain how much space they take on the whole.

Another reason, and a very important one at that, is that you want to avoid your plants from becoming tangled up with wires and other elements present in the environment. Your tree might have the possibility of causing issues in the public setting. For instance, it might block the street light or interrupt the wiring placed. So, it is best to get pollarding done to contain their shape.

Lastly, you might want to cut down on the shade that your trees caste. It is common for trees to caste a huge shadow where you live. So, the best option is to limit their growth and avoid this from happening.

Why Should You Hire Professionals For Pollarding In Keynsham?

Pollarding requires the right skills and patience. If you’re looking for an excellent tree and gardening service to help you with this in Keynsham, then take a look at Holroyd Tree Services. You will find our services one of the best in the area. With a team of skilled workers, we hope to apply our pollarding service in the best possible manner for you.


Pollarding in progress

Pollarding in progress

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