Crown Reductions Redland

If you are a homeowner or someone who owns commercial property in Redland with trees, then it is vital for you to choose crown reduction services.

What Does A Crown Reduction Involve?

With our crown reduction services, our team will be climbing trees in order to get rid of any excess and deadweight that they are holding within their crown area. To do this, we utilize pruning techniques, thus removing excess weight from not just the crown but also the branch ends. This allows the tree to grow lateral branches that are healthy, eventually forming a new crown. The process also involves the removal of branches that are overly extended, heavy, long, or even defected. This further enhances the tree’s structural integrity.

Why Do You Need Crown Reduction Services?

With time, your trees will be growing older and thus getting bigger and bigger. The bigger a tree gets, the more its need increases for crown reduction services. This service helps in keeping your tree healthy. This is because, with time, your tree will start to develop cankers and cracks. If these cracks aren’t removed, it could cause your tree to decay. Crown reductions are what takes care of this deadweight that is hanging on to your tree. It is important that you do not allow your tree to decay as it then would need to be removed completely. 

What Can Our Crown Reductions Do For You

Our crown reductions have a lot to offer, which includes:

  • Help your trees grow in a healthier way
  • Make your garden area much more aesthetically appealing
  • Enhance safety due to removal of dead branches
  • Help prevent a tree’s health from declining.
  • Prevent wind storms from causing damage
  • Prevent branches from twisting.

Why You Should Choose Us

Performing crown reductions is no easy feat. One must be equipped with the right tools and knowledge to get the task done in a correct and efficient manner. Not to mention that the tools used to get rid of the dead and excess weight are incredibly dangerous and should only be used with safety procedures set in place. Our team of skilled tree experts have all of the right tools in their arsenal. They are also trained to perform all tree-related services in accordance with British standards 3998. Not to mention that the service will be completed without any damage done to your tree. Our crown reduction services are known to be the best in Redland, and the best part is that we offer these services at incredibly affordable and cost-effective prices.

So, to ensure the structural integrity, health, growth, safety, and aesthetic appeal of your tree, it is incredibly crucial that, from time to time, you choose to get crown reduction services for your tree in Redland. The great thing is that the best company for it is at your service. So, there is no need to hesitate. Contact us and get the process started.

Crown reduction before

Crown reduction after

Small apple tree reduction before

Small apple tree reduction after