Crown Reductions Chew Valley

We were all taught in schools that there are three forms of living things; human beings, animals and plants. Even though plants are necessary for our survival, they are not given enough importance as other living things. A study has shown that trees may be more intelligent than we had previously thought. Some experts even argue that trees can feel pain. This means that trees have to be taken care of the same way you would take care of any other living thing. What happens when you or your pets are sick? You go to a doctor or a veterinarian. The same way if you feel that the tree has some issues then you need to get the services of a tree surgeon.

One of the most common issues faced by trees is the excessive and random growth of branches. Such branches not only make the tree more prone to damage but they also pull nutrients from other parts of trees that need it more. This is why there are services like crown reductions available in the market.

What Is a Crown Reduction?

Crown reduction is a process that removes the upper branches of trees to lessen damage during storms. It’s also called crown thinning, or selectively cutting parts of a tree. Tree fellers will remove limbs from high up in the canopy – sometimes so far they can’t even be seen by an onlooker. Crown reduction is usually done on large evergreen and coniferous trees but it can also be done on other smaller trees grown in your backyard. Given that their dense branching evolution has made them excessively vulnerable to breakage due to ice weight accumulations.

Why Is Tree Crown Reduction Needed?

The primary reason or benefit of tree crown reduction is making the tree healthier. If you have a diseased or damaged branch, it will be removed and the tree will be treated with care to avoid further damage. The other benefit is safety of people living nearby since there are less branches that could snap off during high winds or heavy snow storms which could lead to injury. A third benefit is obtaining improved views if you live near power lines, buildings, etcetera by removing unwanted limbs from your view.

If you are someone who wants to get the service of tree crown reduction in Chew Valley then you are in luck because Holroyd Tree & Garden Services offer a range of different tree maintenance services in Chew Valley. Our services also include tree crown reduction. The process is carried out by our very skilled and trained staff who make sure the process is completed in a safe environment. We offer customized solutions to your crown reduction needs which means that we can trim the tree canopy exactly according to your needs and instructions. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call and we can start discussing the project with you.

Crown reduction before

Crown reduction after

Small apple tree reduction before

Small apple tree reduction after