Crown lift

The crown of the tree is the leaf-bearing part on the outside. The Lifting of the tree’s crown will involve removing the lower branches to a specified height, to leave a uniform finish, which is aesthetically pleasing. This can be especially useful for drives, paths, or trees that need mowing under regularly.

Highways regulations dictate to keep 5.5m clearance over roads and 2.5m over footpaths.

There comes a time when the branches of the trees grow so much that the amount of space between the ground and the lowest branch of the tree is minimal. Space becomes so small that sometimes, you will have to duck when you walk under the tree. The attempts to duck are not always successful. This is why you need to lift the crown of the tree. The crown lifting of a tree will not only make the tree look more beautiful, but it will also provide you with some additional space where you will be able to walk freely.

What Is Crown Lifting?

Crown lifting is actually the removal process of some selected branches and limbs of the tree. Usually, these branches and limbs are removed from the lower part of the tree’s crown. As a result, the clearance above the ground level is raised. If the tree is mature, then you must avoid lifting the crown of a mature tree as it is not suitable.

Even though crown lifting of a tree looks extremely simple from the outside, it is an extremely technical task that requires the services of a professional team. if you remove the branches that are in close proximity to one another, it will increase the risk of cavity among the trees.

Why Is Crown Lifting Important?

Crown lifting is not only important for aesthetic purposes but it is important to facilitate site usage as well. Raising the clearance of the trees above ground level will not only make your garden look more attractive but you will be able to use the lawnmower easily around the tree.

In addition to this, crown lifting of the trees will help prevent the damage to the structure that can occur due to the branches of the tree. Crown lifting of the trees will also keep the branches of the tree away from the buildings and away from the traffic passing by as well. But, the crown lifting of the trees can be dangerous as it requires climbing of the trees. This is why we would recommend that you get it done by a professional team.

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