The term coppicing means to cut back a tree to make it push out more growth, which can be harvested every three or four years . Most woodlands will benefit from coppicing, especially when there is a lot of hazel. This should be carried out in the trees dormant season from November to March.

Coppicing is the process of cutting down trees to help them re-grow. There is no need for a replant as the growth is stimulated effectively through this method. Coppicing is an ancient technique that boosts the growth after cutting the stems to almost ground level. This can be highly beneficial for most trees. It is an effective method of producing a lot of fast-growing trees. 

Why Choose Us? 

If you want to cut the trees and make room for their growth in the future then we are there to help you with coppicing. Following are some of the benefits you can enjoy by hiring us for our services.

  1.   Experience 

We are delivering our high-quality services to serve you and the trees around you. Our workers have gone through training sessions to gain more knowledge about the trees and their species. These sessions keep them updated about the new technology and how efficiently the work can be done. Experience of many years has taught the workers how the trees should be treated and what they need. 

  1.   Affordability  

You’ll find our services affordable and in your range. We do not like to put a burden on the customer’s pocket. We serve the trees properly, and that too, at affordable prices which are competitive in the market. You can trust us with your money and we will ensure you are satisfied with the work.

  1.   Highly Equipped Materials 

We work with the latest technology and materials for coppicing services. The area nearby is protected through the high-quality materials we are using. The use of these latest tools and equipment make the work easier for us and you. It also reduces the risk of any injury during the process of coppicing or other tree surgery services. 

  1.   Value Of Time

Value of time is crucial for our customers and we understand it. We do not waste any time after you hire us and start work immediately. Ensuring that we finish the project in a given amount of time, we will work with fully equipped materials and an expert team to make the work easier. You can hire us and we can give the tree a new and better look in a short period of time.

  1.   Best Ideas And Advice

It does no harm to get an inspection of trees you are thinking of working on. Our tree surgeon experts can give you the best ideas and advice for the trees. You can contact us through email or phone call and discuss your queries with our team. We always suggest ideas that serve best when it comes to saving the trees and that too, at no additional cost. You should contact us for reliable and expert advice and ideas.

It is important to note that different species of trees react differently to coppicing. We know every detail about the trees and we do our work by keeping every small detail in mind when working. You can hire us for the coppicing services and we will make sure you are delighted with our services.