Ash Die Back Winford

Ash die back is one of the top causes of death amongst trees in Winford and the United Kingdom. This deadly fungal disease has become a national epidemic because thousands of trees are killed by ash die back yearly. So if a tree on your property has gotten infected with the fungal disease, it will quickly spread and infect other trees.

It is easy to spot whether your trees are infected. Here are the common signs below:

  • Several fallen tree branches
  • Darkened tree leaves
  • Darkened tree tendrils
  • Darkened tree bark lesions
  • Many dead leaves on the ground

Do you notice any of these signs on your trees in Winford? If so, you need to immediately contact the tree surgery professionals of Holroyd Tree & Garden Services. We have a dedicated team of tree surgeons with the proper skills and equipment to save trees and protect other trees from further infection.

If a tree has been infected with ash die back recently, we can save it if we treat it in time. But if the infection has already spread throughout the tree significantly, we’ll have to remove the tree to protect others from getting infected.

Some of the tree surgery procedures we can perform to stop the spread of ash die back on your property include the following:

  • Dead wood removal
  • Tree removal
  • Pollarding
  • Crown lift
  • Crown reductions
  • Coppicing
  • Stump removal
  • Woodland management

Holroyd Tree & Garden Services offers free consultations regarding our ash die back treatment services in Winford. Call us at 07764 633 003 to connect with a member of our team for further assistance.

Have your trees been infected with ash dieback in Winford? The common symptoms of ash dieback-infected trees are as follows:

  • Dieback of shoots
  • Leaves with black blotches
  • Epicormic growth
  • Shedding leaves prematurely
  • Discoloured inner bark
  • Lesions on branches and leaves

Commercial and residential properties with ash trees have a significant risk of ash dieback infection. This fungal disease affects most of the ash trees in the entire country. Since it spreads so quickly, it is only a matter of time before 80% of the UK’s ash trees are killed. That is why you must take the necessary action as soon as you notice signs of infection.

The only way to save the remaining trees is to remedy or remove the infected trees. Holroyd Tree & Garden Services specializes in treating ash dieback-infected trees throughout Winford and the United Kingdom. Our team of well-trained tree surgeons can evaluate the current health of your ash trees and determine whether they are salvageable. If they can be saved, we can get to work immediately.

Our tree surgeons can usually remove the infected leaves and branches on a tree before the fungus spreads to the bark. If possible, we can save the tree while preventing the spread of the infection to other trees nearby. Stopping the fungus from spreading to other trees is our number one priority.

Would you like to inquire further regarding our ash dieback services in Winford? Holroyd Tree & Garden Services can be reached at 07764 633 003. Our services always follow the law and guidelines of the Forestry Commission.

Large felling before

Large felling in progress

Large felling in progress

Large felling in progress

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Commercial tree felling in progress

Commercial tree felling in progress

Commercial tree felling in progress