Ash Die Back Wells

Do you notice strange lesions, fallen sticks, or leaves from the ash trees on your residential or commercial property in Wells? If so, you may have an ash dieback problem to address immediately.

Holroyd Tree & Garden Services can offer you professional and reliable ash dieback services in Wells. We serve all residents and business owners who have trees under threat by the deadly fungal infection known as ash dieback.

Our skilled tree surgeons have the tools and experience to evaluate, diagnose, and treat all infected trees before the fungus spreads to other trees. Since ash dieback is responsible for killing nearly 80% of all the United Kingdom’s ash trees, we know how important it is to act fast and efficiently to stop the fungus from spreading.

The first thing our tree surgeons will do is evaluate your trees to determine the severity of the infection. If we find that the fungus has only infected the branches and leaves of a tree but not the bark, then we can likely save it.

The crucial thing is cutting off the infected leaves and branches before the fungus spreads to the bark. Otherwise, we must remove the whole tree to stop the fungus from infecting other trees.


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