Ash Die Back Tyntesfield

Do you have ash trees on your commercial or residential property in Tyntesfield? Have you noticed too many leaves or sticks falling off the trees at unusual times of the year? Do those leaves or sticks have any weird lesions or blotches on them?

If you answered “yes” to at least one of these questions, you might want to request our ash dieback services in Tyntesfield. Ash dieback is a deadly fungal disease that infects ash dieback trees on properties throughout the United Kingdom. If you don’t eliminate the infected parts of one tree, the fungus could kill the tree and infect other nearby trees.

Holroyd Tree & Garden Services is a professional tree surgery company specialising in treating and removing ash dieback-infected trees. Our experienced tree surgeons have advanced skills and tools to evaluate and diagnose infected trees. After that, we can try to save the trees by cutting off and removing the infected parts before the fungus spreads further.

Ash dieback infections are more common than you might think. Out of all the ash trees in the United Kingdom, about 80% die from this deadly fungus annually. That is why it is imperative to request that our tree surgeons evaluate your ash trees periodically, even if you don’t see signs of infection yourself. Then we can take immediate action if we notice the signs of infection and save your trees before it is too late.


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