Ash Die Back Bristol Harbourside

Ash dieback has become an epidemic in Bristol Harbourside and the United Kingdom. Nearly 80% of all the country’s ash trees die from this deadly fungal disease. Commercial and domestic property owners often suffer significant tree loss because of ash dieback. Unless you request professional ash dieback treatment services, your trees will likely die too.

Holroyd Tree & Garden Services is the top provider of ash dieback treatment services for trees in Bristol Harbourside. We have a professional team of tree surgeons with experience treating infected trees and preventing the death of healthy trees. You’ll know if you have fungal-infected trees because the following symptoms will present themselves:

  • Leaves and branches fall and die on the ground at unusual rates
  • Stems and leaves have strange lesions on them
  • Weird black blotches on the leaves


Do you notice any of these signs on the trees of your property? Whether you do or not, you should still contact Holroyd Tree & Garden Services to evaluate the health of your trees. Our tree surgeons can conduct a thorough inspection of your trees to determine if any parts of them are infected. If we notice the infection, we can remove the infected parts before the fungus spreads to other parts of the tree.

We will only remove an infected tree if there is no way to save it. By doing so, the fungus won’t have a chance to infect other healthy trees. After that, we can return to your property periodically to check on your trees and ensure they remain healthy and infection-free.


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