Ash Die Back Bradford on Avon

Did you know almost 80% of all ash trees in the United Kingdom will die from a fungal disease called ash dieback?

Ash dieback has become a severe problem for property owners with ash trees on their properties in Bradford on Avon because the fungus kills ash trees quickly. Does this sound like the problem you are facing on your property? If so, you need to contact our team of professional tree surgeons to resolve the issue quickly and safely.


Here are the common signs of a tree infected with ash dieback:

  • Unusual fallen branches and leaves
  • Leaves with black blotches
  • Lesions on the stems and leaves


Holroyd Tree & Garden Services is the leading provider of ash dieback services in Bradford on Avon. Since ash dieback infects trees quickly, our tree surgeons can work fast to remove the infected parts of trees or the whole trees themselves. That way, we can prevent the infection from spreading to other healthy trees nearby.

We aim to save as many trees as possible. If our tree surgeons determine your infected trees are salvageable, we’ll take the necessary action to protect them. Such measures include removing infected branches and leaves before the fungus moves to the trunk. Our team brings all their own tools and equipment to perform this work, so you don’t have to provide us with anything.


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