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Professional tree maintenance is very important. Especially, if you’re a resident of Bristol and Somerset. Why? Because you have the best Tree Surgeons in town. If your trees are looking healthy, they would still be prone to damage. Everyone wants their trees and gardens to be healthy, and don’t want their property damaged.

Tree and Garden services can help you manage your gardens in order to create a safe and lush green environment. Holroyd TGS is the best service to consider. We cover all the areas across Bristol and Somerset. Here are some reasons on why you should choose us. 

Exceptional Experience

Tree surgeries and other garden services are not a job for amateurs. They must be dealt with in a professional manner to ensure the best outcome. Holroyd TGS has been fortunate enough to serve this community with our 15 years of professional experience. We have a team that is completely qualified and experienced to handle your problems. We can provide you solutions that will keep your interests at the top and ensure proper tree protection and growth.

Use of Latest Equipment

Holroyd TGS makes sure that your gardens are handled by the best people with the best tools. Using sub-par tools to handle trees and other greens might damage your garden. This is why we ensure that all our equipment and machinery are the latest and of the highest quality. This equipment needs professional handling. Our team undergoes relevant courses and sufficient training to use this equipment. You will see professionalism in all our work.

Wide Range of Services

Holroyd TGS is one of the very few tree and garden service providers who cover everything under this field. We can take care of all your arboriculture and horticulture needs. Covering these two main areas, this is a list of extensive services we can offer to you.

  • Tree Surgeries

  Crown lifts and crown reductions

  Stump and Tree removals

  Deadwood removal

  Pollarding and Coppicing

  Woodland management

  • Garden Services

  Garden and Site clearance

  Ivy removal

  Hedge cutting and laying




  Garden Design

  Garden maintenance

Safety Is A Priority

Tree surgery might come across as easy, but it is dangerous. Holroyd TGS carries out effective measures to assess the amount of risk associated. Hence, you can be assured that everything that belongs to you, and everyone at the location will be safe. Safety is our priority.

Holroyd TGS offers much more than expert arborists. With the amazing quality of service, you can get the most amazing rates for TGS. If you want to enquire about any such service, you can contact us for free. Holroyd TGS will guide you without any obligation.

After all, it’s not only your responsibility, but also ours to keep your home healthy, clean, and green. You can call or email us to get a free quote.

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