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For minor work, some tree surgeries can cost you nothing more than a few pounds. However, other times, your tree surgery prices might be soaring in the sky. Why does this happen?

Sometimes people don’t have access to a tree surgery service that does not provide a free quote. The best-case scenario is to estimate the price themselves. To understand this, you need to know what factors affect tree surgery prices.

Apart from consumers, arborists also need to know about these factors to correctly quote these to their customers. Here are some of the factors that affect tree surgery prices.

Number of Trees

The number of trees influences the pricing of tree surgery. It might seem out of norm, but the more the trees, the lower the cost. This is because it is easier and less costly to perform work on several trees at once. 

Health of Trees

The healthier the tree, the lower the cost. Unhealthy trees can cost more because of deadwood or the presence of pests and decay. These issues can even spread to nearby trees. Hence, unhealthy trees means more work in tree surgery, subsequently increasing the costs.

Types of Trees

Types of trees are important indicators of how much equipment and staff will be needed on site. If the tree is mature, then more equipment will be needed such as a climbing harness. For thicker trees with a large diameter, the woodchipper would also have to be switched with a larger size.


The location of the site matters a lot. The farther the distance it will have more cost included in the price of the service. Accessibility is another major factor that comes under this head that influences the price. If the target trees are not accessible with a vehicle, there will be more costs incurred to access the tree. Hence, a higher price.

Danger Associated With the Job

Some tree surgeries are excessively dangerous. This danger often arises from working near power lines and other wires. This is an increased risk that requires substantial safety measures. Additionally, hollow trees and heavy trunks can be risky and unpredictable to work on. All these increased risks and dangers increase the overall price.

These are some of the factors that affect tree surgery prices. All of these must be taken into consideration when forming an estimate of how much should be incurred. Holroyd Tree Services offer a quote for free once you contact us. If need be, you can ask about all your queries regarding these factors. This breakdown will help you form a close estimate.

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