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Covid-19 brought along a shock for the entire world as it set in fear amongst the majority of the population. In the UK, strict guidelines have been provided to reduce all sorts of risks of contracting the virus. Therefore, businesses are making sure to follow through with these guidelines to make sure to survive during the pandemic. 

Holroyd Tree and Garden Service are also continuing its services by making sure that the adequate guidelines are met. Our business makes sure to keep our clients are our priority, so you will see our workers donning the necessary protection gear along with practicing social distancing as the services are performed. 

What Guidelines Are Followed?

When it comes to the guidelines being applied, it is safe to say that our business is following in-line with the specifications provided by the UK government.  

Social Distancing

One of the major guidelines that our business currently follows is social distancing. While working on your premises, we make sure to apply all the relevant rules of social distancing. Distances of 2m are kept between workers and clients. Moreover, the distance does not reduce more than 1m without mitigating all possible risks as mentioned in the guidelines. 

Use Of PPE

While working outdoors, we make sure that all the staff is equipped with the relevant PPE. This includes wearing face covers, gloves and every other equipment that seems relevant to the situation. There is an emphasis on every worker wearing the right PPE when heading to work and performing services as well. 

Contact-Less Payments

Another consideration that we make sure to follow is to offer you a contactless payment option. Through this, we all can ensure we are following the right mechanisms to limit all sorts of contact between the customer and our workers. 

All in all, Holroyd Tree Services ensures that you get flawless services while making sure that we follow all the right guidelines set out for us. Through our process, we ensure the health & safety of everyone involved in the process. 

So, if you’re looking for trees and gardening services during these times, you should know that you can always contact us. Reach out to us and book an appointment for our tree and gardening services. 

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