Holroyd Tree Services Ltd have over 15 years experience in tree surgery and garden maintenance across Bristol and Somerset.
We can offer extremely competitive rates no matter what your requirements. From large fells to crown reductions, dead-wooding to stump grinding. Our work is of the highest quality and carried out in accordance with British Standards. Get in touch for a FREE, no obligation quote or advice.

The City of Bristol has been around since medieval times. You’ll find a lot of old buildings and trees throughout the city that have been there for hundreds of years, are listed under preservation orders. If you own Bristol property with any trees on it, then you have a responsibility to care for those trees.

Just because your trees have been standing for a long time, it doesn’t mean they’re not prone to produce fallen branches or suffer unforeseen damage. Holroyd Tree & Garden Services can offer you a wide range of tree maintenance and tree surgery services. Some of these include tree removal, pollarding, crown lifting, crown reductions, deadwood removal, and woodland management.

It is critical that you care for your trees before they damage your property or cause injury to someone on it. Even if you don’t think your trees are in bad shape, it never hurts to have our tree surgeons give them a proper inspection now and then. If we find that any of your trees are showing any signs of decay or weakness, we can advise you on the best steps to take

If you wish to save your trees, we will do whatever we can to fulfil your request. However, keep in mind that some trees cannot be saved if they’re in bad enough shape. Sometimes it is better to cut down a tree and remove it from the property instead of keeping it there. We always suggest re planting a tree in its space for conservation reasons.

Holroyd Tree & Garden Services can work with trees of all shapes and sizes. Our arborists are professionally trained to the highest standard and educated in the field of arboriculture and tree surgery. We have the correct tools and equipment to perform any arboricultural or tree surgical job that is needed.

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Tree Surgery Services

We cover all aspects of Tree Surgery (arboricultural work). From complete removals to light pruning, crown-lifts to thins and reductions.

Garden Services

Although we specialise in trees, we also have years of experience in fencing, turfing, planting schemes and hedge cutting, trimming and shaping.

Here are some of the core locations we work in:
Almondsbury, Banwell, Bishop Sutton, Bristol, Chewstoke, Clevedon, Congresbury, Keynsham, Kingswood, Longwell Green, Nailsea, Portishead, Saltford, Somerset, Weston Super Mare, Winscombe, Winford, Yatton and many more areas!